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What are the Benefits of hiring disability aids while on holiday?

What is respite?

What is a learning disability?

What is blindness and visual impairment?

Are theme parks accessible attractions?

Can a caravan holiday be disabled friendly?

How can the elderly and Infirm enjoy their holiday?


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Mobility Scooters are essential and have large benefits to maintain an independent lifestyle. If you suffer from any disabilities or infirmities then in order to have freedom then a scooter is ideal. Along with mobility scooters comes all the accessories including batteries and battery care, below is a guide for all you need to know about scooters

Mobility scooters

Mobility scooters come in all different shapes and sizes, from 3 wheels to 4 wheel scooters. Also power and mph makes the difference between a light and a heavy duty mobility scooter.

So which scooter is for you?

First you need to think about your needs. 3 wheel scooters are more for light weight applications. For example, indoor use within the home or in shopping centres. 3 wheels give more manoeuvrability and a tighter turning circle

4 wheels are for heavier duty, they are more stable and stronger. Depending on your body mass and also if you need to carry extra accessories, like oxygen bottles, then the larger and stronger the scooter the better! Especially are they ideal for longer distances.

Mobility scooter Batteries

Naturally a mobility scooter includes batteries. These are safe and pose no risk to the user; they are of good quality and come in various sizes and power ranges.

They are rechargeable and depending on the make, size and quality the distance you may travel on a full charge may vary. Before you buy batteries or if they are included with the scooter, then have a good look at the specifications.

Measure the distance you need to travel, the time you will be out on the scooter with the quality of the battery. The last issue you want is to end up with a flat battery stranded away from your home.

Battery Chargers

Along with rechargeable batteries comes the battery charger.

These also come from many different companies, essentially they all do the same job, recharge the main batteries.

One important aspect to note is that once you plug in the charger you can leave it, having peace of mind that when the battery power levels are at maximum then the charger goes into standby mode.

Mobility scooter bags

Depending what you need to carry along with you when you go out on a journey, you may need to take various items with you,

For example, medical equipment, oxygen bottles, the battery charger, and extra space for your purchases. So depending on your needs, a suitable bag is a must. Available are different types and sizes, like a back bag or side pocket bags and even under the chair bags.


When you own your chair you may wish to add accessories or even customize your mobility scooter, perhaps you want to add stickers, or upgrades.

Whatever you need to make you life comfortable then you should find the accessory to match your needs.

So please feel free to search though our listings

If you can’t find what you need then please contact us here and we will see if we can point you in the right direction